Website Complete

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After about 12 hours work, my website rebuild is complete and it has been a relatively painless experience. Probably the most time consuming part was getting the content and pictures right, although knowing me I will be tweaking and editing forever.
I have had a basic website for a year now, but didn’t really put the work in to make it work as a promotional tool. Now it is mobile responsive and linked to all our social media accounts.
It is a word press site and after a lot of time spent on YouTube, opted to build the site using the step by step
guide from the Tyler Moore channel which I found straightforward and easy to follow in step by step stages.

Seeing my site grow and evolve was pretty satisfying, though I had to rework some pages a few times remembering that sometimes less is more.

What Next? A well earned beer of course, but after that, look at putting regular posts out and linking blogs to social media……and get more bookings of course.

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